Our Sustainable Packaging Journey

Sustainable Packaging - Where we are and where we want to be.

Every decision we make now will affect our planet and its future. We hope that by sharing our sustainability journey, we can inspire and motivate consumers and businesses to make more conscious decisions.
Jewellery Box & Insert

Our pieces are sent within an eco-friendly jewellery box that is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified 70% mix cardboard held together with water-based glue. FSC mix products, "are made using a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC controlled wood" (FSC Labels, 2020). The FSC® mark guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly. Therefore, there is better protection of animal and plant life, and all foresters have proper safety equipment, training, and a decent wage.

Sustainable Jewellery Packaging Box with Insert

Within the box is an eco-friendly insert to hold your jewellery piece in place, this is to avoid your piece getting tangled or damaged. These inserts are made from FSC®-certified cardboard. The insert has a velvety topcoat that is made from viscose. This is derived from wood pulp. This is a 100% renewable resource, therefore having a place in the sustainability story when sourced from sustainably managed forests and when produced in an eco-responsible way ensuring a low environmental impact. What to do:

  • Store your piece.
  • Recycle if clean.
  • Compost if the cardboard is soiled or wet.

Our sustainable packaging target: Transition our packaging boxes to 100% recycled content once they become available through our supplier.

Sustainable jewellery packaging - compostable and recyclable mailers

Why we chose 100% FSC- certified recycled paper mailers instead of a compostable poly mailer?

100% recycled paper mailer

Compostable poly mailer

Renewable material – Strengthens land & soil when grown

Combination of non-renewable, petro based source material + renewable source material that degrades soils, displaces, and pollutes lands. Virgin material.

Curb side recyclable and easily recycled.


Marine Biodegradable



Not proven to marine biodegradable


Most Australians do not have access to composting at home nor do they have access to commercial compost services. This means that compostable poly mailers would likely end up in landfill or in the soft plastics recycling stream, compromising its potential for recycling. That is why we decided to go with a 100% recycled paper padded mailer. This mailer also provides extra protection for your jewellery piece whilst it travels to you.

Here is an amazing resource for more information about sustainable mailers.

What to do:


Thank you & Discount cards - FSC Certified
Sustainable Jewellery Packaging - FSC certified, recyclable, & compostable

What to do:



FSC Certified | Acid-free paper | Soy-based inks - Read more about our stickers on noissue.

What to do:



We understand we cannot always get everything right, but we will always try to improve. So, we welcome you on this journey with us, please get in contact with any recommendations and advice on ways we can improve our sustainable packaging, as we want a healthy future for our planet. Stay tuned for our next packaging update!

Our decisions, our world, our future.

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Sustainable Jewellery Packaging - Protect our planet