Types of Gold Jewellery

What are the different types of Gold Jewellery?

Gold Plated Vs. Gold Vermeil Vs. Gold-Filled Vs. Solid Gold - What's the difference, and which is best?

We have all likely experienced the annoyance of your favourite jewellery piece tarnishing or discolouring your skin after one wear, and eventually ending up in the bin. With so many different types of gold jewellery, it can sometimes get confusing. So, lets clear things up!

Here at Siava Jewellery we create unique, handcrafted jewellery pieces that are perfect for everyday wear, that is why all our gold jewellery pieces are 14K Gold Filled.

Types of Gold Jewellery
  • Key Points: Inexpensive | Costume Jewellery | Tarnishes | May irritate sensitive skin| Goes into landfill fast.

  • An extremely thin layer of gold is either painted or dipped into the base metal. The gold content is usually less than 1%. Therefore, the layer of gold quickly tarnishes when rinsed, washed, or rubbed, resulting in discoloured skin and dirty looking jewellery that may irritate sensitive skin.

  • The core metal that can be used for gold plated jewellery ranges as there are no legal restrictions. Common base metals used include brass and alloys such as nickel or zinc.

  • Key Points: Cheap | Tarnishes | Hypoallergenic

  • Gold vermeil Jewellery consists of a type of gold plating on top of sterling silver as the base metal making it more hypoallergenic. Gold vermeil jewellery has a thicker layer of gold (at least 2.5 microns) than normal gold plating. It is does however still tarnish or rub off over time.

  • Key Points: Cheaper than Solid Gold | Will not tarnish | Great for everyday wear | Good for all skin types | Hypoallergenic.

  • Gold-filled jewellery undergoes a mechanical bonding process that melts a thick layer of gold onto the base metal. Gold-filled jewellery must contain a minimum of 5% gold by weight. Items such as earrings may have the Karat number stamped or etched into the piece.

  • Most material is 12k or 14k gold-filled. Gold-filled jewellery lasts longer and stands up to wear and tear as it does not tarnish or rub off. Like any jewellery it does require care to make sure that you get the most out of each piece. Read more here on how to care for your gold-filled jewellery.

  • Key Points: Highest price | Will not tarnish | Low maintenance | Hypoallergenic | Great for all skin types | Great for everyday wear

  • Solid Gold jewellery is the best, but it is the most expensive. Benefits include that solid gold jewellery is low maintenance and does not tarnish. There are many different karats (levels) of gold, the highest is 24k Gold (100% pure gold). Followed by 22k gold (92% gold & 8% alloyed metals) & 18k gold (75% gold & 25% alloyed metals).

  • We hope to soon offer solid gold within our range, so please send us an email with your expression of interest to info@siavajewellery.com.


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